Course Schedule

Welcome to Jeni Breen Tango Academy!

Here you will find the best of Argentine Tango instruction in a friendly and supportive environment.  We have Tango group classes and private lessons, all in our convenient NOHO location in downtown NYC! We have been involved with Tango since it’s initial appearance in New York City and are among the city’s most experienced Tango instructors. We teach classic Argentine Tango – elegant, seductive, accessible, and one of the most beautiful and expressive social dances you can learn. Our goal – to help you become the most skilled and confident Tango dancer possible!

Time Class Teacher Room MARCH (Starts 2-27-18) April (Starts 3-27-18)
7:30PM Basic Tango** Jeni 4A  Section  C** Section A**
7:30PM Pre-Intermediate Tango Matthew 4A    
8:30PM Intermediate/Advanced Tango Jeni + Matthew 4A    
7:30pm Pre-Intermediate Tango  Jeni  3G    
7:30PM Intermediate/Advanced Tango Matthew 3G    
8:30PM Basic Tango** Jeni 3G  Section  A**  Section B**
8:30PM Intermediate/Advanced Milonga Matthew 3G    
9:30-11pm Practica***   3G    
2:30PM Basic Tango** Jeni 3G  Section B** Section C**
2:30PM Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate Tango Matthew 3G    
  • *Please note that the beginning of each new 4 week session does not necessarily correspond to the beginning of the new month.

**The Basic program consists of 3 sections of Argentine Tango classes–A, B, and C.

Each section consists of one class a week for 4 weeks during which material specific to that section is developed.

The material is different in each of the 3 sections (the steps and techniques taught is Section A is different than the steps and techniques taught in Section B, and different than Section C), but the sections are not sequential and may be taken in any order that you wish-or simultaneously as your schedule allows.

You may start with C or B or A and come once a week and complete one section at a time; or you can come up to three times a week and complete all three sections within the 4 week session.                                                                                                                                                                   In order to develop the needed vocabulary as well as a comfortable and functional embrace, all 3 sections should be completed before moving on to Pre-Intermediate.

Please see “Prices and Policies” page for our extraordinary Beginner’s Special 

** *For access to Practica (practice session) after 9:30 buzz “440 Studios”.or “Playwrights Rehearsal Studios” on keypad to left of outside door.